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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
7:15 pm
APRIL 20, 2005
I think I'm going to stop doing "Pupkin" again now. I made the 50th one-panel "Pupkin" comic yesterday and that's a nice round number to quit on. That strip is up today, the one with the giant! It's the final "Pupkin" comic ever probably! But about 25 of those 50 comics still haven't appeared online, so I guess those will still be put up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until they run out in June. I don't think I'll be doing commentary for every strip, though, and the caption contests have ended. Thank you for loving "Pupkin."
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
10:31 pm
APRIL 18, 2005
Too tired to write anything and who cares, no one's reading and there hasn't been any posts in the forum all weekend, so no Guess the Caption contest for now, either. I went to Coors Field for the first time earlier today to see the Rockies host the Giants. I woke up at 6:20 after two hours of sleep, then drove three hours to Denver, then walked around a big stadium in the sun for about six hours, then drove home for three hours, which is why I'm tired. I'm watching the end of "Fat Albert" now. I've been told it's very dramatic!

Here's one picture of probably many more to come of my day at Coors Field . . .

Friday, April 15th, 2005
12:52 am
APRIL 15, 2005
The day after I drew this strip it was announced that "Mrs. Doubtfire 2" was going to be made. True story! I'm psychic. Ha, just found this hilarity. "They better not mess this movie up! If this movie is one of straight-to-video movies ... I'll be p*ssed!" Anyway, Pupkin is a good dog, but he has some crazy dreams sometimes. He likes it when he gets to speak out loud in his dreams. Sometimes he starts roaring like a lion even. I've been reading the Chronicles of Narnia lately for the second time in the past six months and I like the books quite a bit. I want a puppy. I'm sad.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #19 features Pupkin picking up an I.Q. test which was thrown in the trash. Go look at it and then write a caption for it and feel the joy of life's magic when you win.
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
12:35 am
APRIL 13, 2005
Every civilized town nowadays has at least four death holes. Pupkin does not live in a civilized town. I imagine that the experience of falling into a death hole is similar to going beyond the veil in the death chamber at the Department of Mysteries. I believe this is true because Pupkin just told me that he often hears strange voices when he tiptoes around death holes. Pupkin is a good dog.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #18 is all about a Christmas tree and Pupkin's car. Go look at it and then write a caption for it and win the Christmas present of a Pupkin sketch to give to your child.
Monday, April 11th, 2005
1:42 am
APRIL 11, 2005
Pupkin is an amazing dog! Did you notice that? Just look what he did! He stacked up all those boxes, all 86 of them! He was so scared when he put that final Xbox box on the top and climbed up to his perch to look at his village. He was so high up! Poor Pupkin. It took him ages to get down. He needed the help of a friendly war pigeon who happened to be flying by and saw the trouble the fat orange dog was in. This war pigeon was named Arizabella and she fought in the great wars of the elders in the olden days. Fought so hard and so well that she never sustained a single injury in 17 giant wars, and she inflicted the injury of death on countless thousand others. But now Pupkin will forever be known as Arizabella's Bane, because when Arizabella carried Pupkin down to safety, her lung collapsed and she died right there in Pupkin's arms.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #17 is all about bowling. Go look at the preview image and then write a caption for it and WIN.
Friday, April 8th, 2005
1:25 am
APRIL 8, 2005
I just did today's comic about an hour ago and it's based on a sketch that I awarded to the winner of the sixth GUESS THE CAPTION contest. Pupkin made that lava pit himself, by the way, and he put up the signs to warn any little kids who might walk by of the danger. The flimsy signs often blow away in the wind, though. Pupkin gathered the lava piece by piece in a very slow process. He wanted a lava pit for this very reason -- to murder any foe who tried to steal his money. Of course they could never successfully steal his money, but just for trying the penalty had to be death by lava. Pupkin lured the thieves there by pretending to be frightened as he ran away after they tried to take his money out of his mouth, hoping they'd run after him in an attempt to successfully steal the money. He'd then climb up a hidden staircase in the darkness of the hillside, grab hold of his trusty rope that he has attached at all times to a small blimp up in the sky, and then he swings down to kick the robber into the lava. It didn't work all the time, but it certainly worked in this case. That man died a very painful death.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #16 is waiting for YOU. The preview comic for today is all about Pupkin playing a card game and winning lots of money. Go look at it and then write a caption for it that I'll find funny, so I can then award you your very own Pupkin sketch! And maybe I'll base a future strip on your sketch!
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
1:33 am
APRIL 6, 2005
The reason Pupkin finally chose to do the first hand stand of his life at this moment was because the new billboard in town was accidentally plastered upside down, so this was the only way Pupkin could properly get a good look at it. Billboard watching is one of Pupkin's most favorite activities, especially since he hasn't yet been able to afford a television. This upside down billboard was for Sam's Golden Lemonade and it featured a very simple image of a funny looking middle aged man sipping on the lemonade with a bored expression. Pupkin didn't understand how the people who put up the billboard could have possibly not known which way was up. The upside down tagline for the billboard read, "Sam's Golden Lemonade -- You know you want it." It wasn't very creative, sorry, but I'm just telling you what really happened.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #15 is awaiting your entry! The preview comic for today features an old character of mine, Mike Crapper, also known as Big Bad Mike. He's a mean bully who's poking Pupkin in the eye! Go look and then write a funny caption for it! (This was it.)
Monday, April 4th, 2005
1:13 am
APRIL 4, 2005
The bee came from Sweden, where, as you've probably read in your local newspapers in recent months, the Swedish are genetically engineering giant bumble bees. So this is kind of like one of those "Law & Order" episodes that's RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES. I love imagining Pupkin as he sees the bee flying very slowly in his direction, but he's just paralyzed with fear and confusion, and then of course the bee simply lands on Pupkin's head and stings him! Pupkin wasn't expecting that! For some reason. If you can find the Google image of the bee that I copied, I'll give you a penny!

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #14 will get stung by a giant Swedish bee unless you enter it! Today's preview comic is the famous CHRISTMAS SWEATER strip I talked about in my first commentary for the new version of "Pupkin" on February 28. Go see it and then enter the contest!
Friday, April 1st, 2005
1:26 am
APRIL 1, 2005
Ha, Pupkin played a pretty funny joke on that lady. They're standing in the parking lot of a hospital for sick babies, by the way. Pupkin recently got a job there working as a messenger dog, delivering notes back and forth for the various employees of the hospital. Early this morning, on April 1st, Pupkin overheard a couple nurses talking about all the great pranks they were going to pull on people in honor of April Fool's Day, and that gave Pupkin an idea. That idea is pictured in the comic above! The lady in the comic was a nearly constant visitor to the baby hospital, because her baby was very sick, so she knew that Pupkin was a messenger dog for the hospital, and she figured that this was just the way they chose to tell her that her baby had passed on. She died of a heart attack a second after that photo up there was taken.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #13 is waiting for your entry! You can win an original Pupkin sketch and you probably will, since hardly anyone is entering these things! ENTER NOW!
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
5:02 pm
MARCH 30, 2005
This was me golfing about 45 minutes ago . . .

Thank you for loving golf!

If you live near Scottsbluff, Nebraska (or are willing to travel!), let's golf together!

Also, I almost killed a duck.

And you might get a laugh out of this crazy news promo for a feature story on PUPPY CUSTODY which I filmed off my TV a few weeks ago. I kept seeing this hilarious commercial and I told myself that I'd quickly get my camera the next time it came on and film it, and I DID. One of the pups even wears a HAT, just like Pupkin. And that final dog looks CRAZY. Look!
1:50 am
MARCH 30, 2005
That's a pretty steep hill Pupkin was walking over! He tried not to fall, but failed because of the large amount of jelly that was accidentally left on the top of the hill by a small boy who was a very messy eater of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The boy's name was Fatooka, and Fatooka's favorite daily activity was to climb the steep hill, which was right next to his small house, and eat two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which he called Fatooka sandwiches. But on this particular day Fatooka took a big bite into his first Fatooka sandwich and tons of jelly squirted out the back end of the Fatooka. When he got up to go back home, he slipped on the jelly and tumbled down the hill, breaking his neck almost instantly, before he was even halfway down. He tumbled and tumbled until his dead body finally crashed right through his very own kitchen door. The noise was loud enough to wake his sleeping mother, who wasn't at all pleased when she walked into the kitchen for a post-nap snack. Twenty minutes later Pupkin climbed the hill and slipped on the same spot of jelly. I wish I could tell you that Pupkin rolled down the hill and straight through the same kitchen door and cheered up Fatooka's grieving mother, but that's not the case at all. Pupkin did roll through the same kitchen door, but Fatooka's mother wasn't very cheered up. Fatooka's little brother, Datooka, however, loved Pupkin instantly and FOREVER.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #12 is underway! And it has a poll! A poll mostly about FATOOKA, everyone's favorite character!
Monday, March 28th, 2005
1:37 am
MARCH 28, 2005
See that puddle behind Pupkin? He falls into it face first and drowns! Poor Pupkin. He doesn't care much for food (he likes money a lot more), but the food given to him by the baseball players was his favorite kind -- pumpkin pie! So he was having a truly fabulous day! But then those horrible kids hit Pupkin with a home run by accident and Pupkin DROWNED. I'll never forgive them for killing my dog. It's now been two years since that day, and a year and a half since I tracked down the last of the children and killed them all, but I'll still never forgive their dead souls for what they done. Never forgive 'em for what they done. Never.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #11 started 37 seconds ago and you better enter! Today's preview image involves Pupkin and his money. How much money do you think Pupkin has? How much money do YOU have? Tell me in the contest thread!
Friday, March 25th, 2005
1:44 am
MARCH 25, 2005
Ha, Pupkin's always kept his money in his mouth, ever since the day he was born and the doctor gave him a shiny $20 bill as a reward for being alive. From that moment on Pupkin loved money and wanted to get "lots and lots and lots of it," as he liked to say. Pupkin's ultimate goal is to own a Christmas tree at Christmas time, but he also wants a television to watch his favorite shows that he's only seen advertised on billboards, and he wants an Xbox, and a remote control hamburger. Many other things, too. Pupkin doesn't care much for eating. It bores him.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #10 just began and there's already an entry! Today's preview image is another insane one starring a man with wooden legs. Look and then enter! You might just win a custom Pupkin sketch of your own request, like another guy just did today -- look at the sketch he won!
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
1:45 am
MARCH 23, 2005
I don't like this one much -- I shouldn't have put it online! That other dog sure looks funny. I copied him from the result of some Google image search, as I recall. You can probably find the "original" yourself! I forgot what I searched for -- something like "dog" or "cartoon dog" or "dog art." It was pretty simple. I can't draw. Whenever there's anything in the comic other than Pupkin or grass or clouds, I go straight to Google images and find something to copy. I love Pupkin. The dog, not the comic strip he stars in.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #9 just started! I love today's preview image. It's insane madness. The buzzComix site isn't working right now, but I've posted the image in the contest thread, so get guessing! (This was it.) Also, I finally was able to mail out a sketch to a winner of a contest yesterday because an American finally won! People from England and New Zealand won the first four contests, but an AMERICAN BOY won the fifth, and I posted a scan of his prize in the thread for that contest. Go look! Also check out the art for the second chapter of the "Pupkin" children's book here!
Monday, March 21st, 2005
1:53 am
MARCH 21, 2005
Pupkin's a farmer! And it's about time, too! He actually enjoyed that week of farm work, but he didn't like being a slave, so he was pretty darn happy (as you can see from the huge smile on his face) when the man mysteriously died in the corn field. When the man gave Pupkin those overalls, he told the round orange dog that those overalls once belonged to his small, fat son, who is deceased, just like that man now is. Pupkin didn't kill him, though. He died of sadness over the loss of his precious boy, who died in a boating accident the week before the man stole Pupkin. The man saw a lot of his son in the image of Pupkin and figured the dog would be a suitable replacement. He was right! But only for a week. Then he was dead.

GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST #8 just started! Today's preview image doesn't really even need a caption, but I wrote one anyway, so you better guess it! Look! (This was it.)
Friday, March 18th, 2005
2:31 am
MARCH 18, 2005
It's interesting to point out that Pupkin only suffered one injury in his three months of training as a juggler of knives. The injury occurred when the round orange dog slipped on some bird poop while jogging and juggling at the same time. He fell flat on his back, and a moment later all four knives landed in his belly. He would have died, but . . . he didn't! Also, whenever I look at this comic all I can think about is the knife on the right spearing the tossed hot dog in mid-air and ruining Pupkin's juggling, which is exactly what happens a tenth of a second after this photo was taken (that's a real picture of Pupkin juggling in a park up there).

The seventh GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST just started! Today's preview image is pretty funny looking, but you'll never guess what Pupkin's really doing! Look! (This was it.)
Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
1:25 am
MARCH 16, 2005
I really like this one. Those homeless guys had just escaped from a horrible fire in their shelter, by the way, where five of their homeless bum friends burned to death, screaming all the while. So when they walked away from the fire as the only survivors and saw Pupkin sleeping on the grass nearby, they just HAD to pick him up and play catch with him to fight the pain they felt inside and would continue to feel for decades to come. (Not decades, really -- they both died in another bum fire three days later.)

The sixth GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST just began in the PUPKIN FORUM! Today's preview image reveals that Pupkin wears a watch! Take a look! (This was it.)

Also, go check out the sketch of Pupkin and William the Lizard that I awarded to the winner of the second contest.
Monday, March 14th, 2005
1:24 am
MARCH 14, 2005
I know that this one's pretty unoriginal -- EVERYONE has had a dream about a giant hammer trying to nail them down into hell, and most comics have done strips about it. But I think mine's extra special. I also think that pie is poison.

Go compete in the fifth GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST in the PUPKIN FORUM! Today's preview image possibly shows a dead Pupkin! Take a look! (This was it.) The first two contests just ended and the first winner has already been presented with his requested sketch of Pupkin and the Fonz meeting!
Friday, March 11th, 2005
1:37 am
MARCH 11, 2005
I love the big bearded homeless man even more than Pupkin does. He's my cousin, Fredward. By the way, the reason Pupkin loves that homeless man is because he has a funny looking beard that makes Pupkin smile. But you probably guessed that already, didn't you? Yes.

Go compete in the fourth GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST on the PUPKIN FORUM! To enter, just vote for "Pupkin" to see a preview image of just the art for a future "Pupkin" comic, then write your own funny caption for it in the contest thread! Today's preview image is pretty simple, but the caption might not be. (This was it.)
Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
2:04 am
MARCH 9, 2005
Oh boy, a giant Pupkin candy bar! I want one of those so bad. I like how Pupkin looks kind of bored while eating it. I guess he imagines that the real joy would come in seeing the candy bar and knowing that it was produced, and by the time he'd actually get to eat it, he'd just be thinking, "I didn't really care to eat THIS much candy in one sitting." It's not chocolate, by the way, because chocolate is poisonous to dogs. It's special black caramel. I don't like caramel too much.

The third GUESS THE CAPTION CONTEST just began on the PUPKIN FORUM! To enter, just vote for "Pupkin" to see a preview image of just the art for a future "Pupkin" comic, then write your own funny caption for it in the contest thread! I like today's preview -- just made it last night and it's one of my favorites. (This was it.)
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